Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time To Get Real

This past Sunday, Matt and Kate Tichon along with Rollie and Tammy Brinker shared their financial story--from unwise decision making and upside down living to watching God provide as they followed His financial principles

What is your story so far? 


amy said...

I think it's been great having our kids sit with us each week during this series because they are getting it! It makes for great conversations and in our minds it will make for an easier Christmas when there isn't so much under the tree! To be almost 13 and 9 years old (and their "old" parents too) and hearing these life lessons is a gift! Thank you.

Jeff and I have been blessed with parents that always gave away both time and money so it's been a wonderful challenge to continue that legacy. Granted, we have a long way to go when it comes to living with less than we need, but we're getting there, with God's grace!

Jayson and Katy said...

so stoked we are doing this advent conspiracy thing. it is going to be fun