Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October "INTERSECT" Opportunities.

Rake-N-Run Saturday, Oct. 25th, 10-12pm. 
It's simple. We'll meet here at the school with our rakes, work-gloves & tarps. NorthBridge will supply the yard bags. We'll divide up throughout the local community and rake leaves for those who could use a little help.

Halloween Candy Connection Friday Oct. 31, 5:30-8pm
We're asking everyone to donate full size candy bars over the next few weeks. Then, on Halloween, we'll hand it all out from a few select homes in the immediate area
along with glow necklaces, some NorthBridge info., friendly smiles & a silent prayer.

Comment below to if you plan on helping out with either of these projects.
Got your own ideas for a future "Intersect Project"? Let us know about them!


Michelle said...

What about collecting food for a shelter? thanksgiving is just around the corner and it would be nice if we can give can goods to someone who will need them. We could put a table up in the lobby the month of November and people could bring in their can goods throughout the month...it would be cool to actually see how many canned good we can donate....
Just a thought :)

NorthBridge Community Church said...


Great idea!
We have not publicized it yet but Nov. 21 is the date of our first "NorthBridge Music Project". Our very talented NB band will be playing Bar Louie from 9-12am that night as a way to reach out into the local community and create an environment where we can invite our unchurched friends and neighbors.

Cost? $2 cover OR donate a canned good! We'll then take all the cans to the local shelter in time for Thanksgiving.

Hope to see you there,

amy said...

If you'd like to help with a food donation, the kids in UpStreet will be collecting food as part of their study on Gratitude.

You can bring something in any week during November for that and give it to Cheryl or Amy on UpStreet!