Monday, February 15, 2010


It’s in…

A smile vs. a frown

A hello and a touch vs. blowing by a life that God has entrusted in our care

An escort to a desired location vs. just pointing the way

A returned phone call vs. we’re too big to meet your needs

Being inclusive vs. being exclusive

Relationships vs. rules

Celebrating the journey vs. the destination

Serving people joyfully vs. viewing people as a hassle

Value team members vs. taking them for granted

A great overall experience vs. just attending a service

Empowering and partnering with volunteers vs. trying to do it all ourselves

Constantly improving what we do vs. settling for mediocrity

Offering our best vs. offering our second best

Being innovative vs. being safe

Keeping ministry simple vs. making it complex

Helping people belong vs. making them behave

Being a participant vs. being a spectator

Helping people have an encounter with God vs. attending an event

A shared vision vs. a self-driven vision

Being the church vs. being an organization

Offering people the living hope of Jesus vs. leaving them helpless and hopeless

~Taken from a conference room poster, Central Christian Church, Las Vegas.

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