Saturday, February 6, 2010

Balanced Part 5 Discussion.

So church was cancelled due to snow...

How about going to the NB website and listening to Sunday's message? Thats right, the message we were supposed to get at church that day. Just visit the website, click on the media tab, messages, then "launch sermon player".

After listening, post your comments/ thoughts below.

Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday! (Pray for good weather),


Aaron Kleiber said...

There was no church yesterday...what message?

Anonymous said...

I am aware of my AWARENESS, YOU?!??!!?

Jame said...


We posted yesterdays message from Andy online. (One of the advantages of being a "video church") Directions on how to acces it can be found in the blog post.


Jeff said...

Amy and I listened to the message the other night. I kept "flashing back" to when Amy and I were first married. We went through the Larry Burkett workbook, kept envelopes in which we kept our allotted cash and on which we recorded every expenditure. It is amazing to find our how much money you waste when you don't keep track of it! Thank goodness my wife is an organized (some might say slightly retentive... Love you, honey!) woman. She now does all of that on the computer and, while we rarely use cash, always knows exactly where we are and balances every month.