Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8th Haiti Update

I just got off the phone with Jayson for the last time in Haiti (at least if everything goes well). They had a fantastic last full day there, and for once the sun came out for the entire day! Sundays are always a long day in Haiti... it reminds me never to complain about how long our church services are here! They went to church this morning and sat through an entire service in Creole, then went back later in the day for another entire service in English. In between the two long services, they took a long ride into the city and had lunch at a hotel there.

The hard part of the day came after all the church services when the group had to say goodbye to the kids at EBAC. After spending an entire week with these kids and building relationships with them, it's hard to say goodbye. I know that after 11 years of visiting them for Jayson, it never gets easier leaving them to come back to the states. Luckily with all the new technology it's getting better being able to keep in touch with them. We've even been lucky enough to have some of them visit us in Pittsburgh!

Tomorrow is going to be another long day for them - lots of traveling. They have to leave the dorm at around 6:30am, and well... I'm not really sure what time they get to Florida. There is a slight chance that they might be able to catch an earlier flight into the states, and if that happens they will try to get on stand-by on a 11am flight out of Ft. Lauderdale. Everyone that has a family member on this trip - keep your cell phones with you to find out the latest!

Thanks for all of your prayers for this trip - God has blessed all of them through this experience!

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