Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7th Update

I apologize greatly for not giving a Haiti update last evening... It's been a long week and I apparently went to bed without doing my one chore that Jayson left me to do. Sorry!

The original plan for yesterday was to take the children from the EBAC orphanage to the beach for the day. This has been a big event in the past and something that the kids always look forward to. It's too expensive for them to do on their own, so when they can get it planned when a group comes to visit it's huge. Sadly, because of the weather and the conditions of the roads, they were unable to make it to the beach. They ended up having a great time though, spending the day just playing and making the most of their time together. Our group funded a rather large "feast" for dinner and that was a great way to end the day.

Today the group went to the market and did some shopping. I know from Jayson's past trips that it is really hard for them not to spend a ton of money there because one, most of the items that you can buy are really cheap... and two, the Haitians selling in the market are just so needy it's hard to turn them down. Anyway, be prepared for lots of Haitian items to make there way back to the 'burgh. One great note is that the sun finally came out today, and they were excited to report that most of them got sunburned. Only Pittsburghers would say that... They finished their day spending time with the kids at the EBAC orphanage again, and even though it didn't follow through as planned, they had a great day.

Please be praying for their last full day in Haiti tomorrow and that they would have some energy for the long travel home on Monday!

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