Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tips For The Live Webcast Tonight.

People from 21 states and six countries will join us tonight for the Buckhead Night of Worship Live Webcast at 7:30 pm EST.  How cool is that?

We want this to be a great on-line worship experience for you so here are a few tips in preparation for the night:

•    While it might seem different to take communion via the webcast, Buckhead actually did this as a church prior to their move to the new building. People loved it.
•    If you or your small group want to take communion during our time together, here is a guideline that might help: Celebrating Communion
•    You will be able to comment on-line during the webcast.  Please feel free to share your prayer requests and to pray for others as well. That’s part of the webcast experience.
•    Please be sure to refresh the site often so that you stay updated with the latest on-line comments.


That’s it for now.

Praying for a great night!


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