Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Haiti Update

Good Evening NorthBridge Friends,

Talked to Jayson for a short time tonight (and the girls got to say hi to them too!). They had a great day today and he was in great spirits. They worked hard all day and when I talked to him they had just finished dinner and were relaxing before bed.

For their work today they split into three groups. The first group of women went to visit our friends Jean Claude and Monica. They are a young couple that have graciously taken in 12 orphans into their own home as their children. Monica currently has cancer, and our group went to help cook and clean for them. It was nice to be able to help them with whatever they needed.

The second group went to the EBAC orphanage to teach for the day. Jayson didn't elaborate, but I am sure that they had a great time. Those kids are such a joy to be with, it's hard not to smile just thinking about them.

The third group - the one that Jayson was in - went to the new IDADEE orphanage to help build some storage closets. After months of feeling helpless here in the states, I know it felt good to build something to help some other people. It was also nice for them to see all that has been done at the new place since the last visit. How great it is going to be when it opens!

Please continue to pray for their trip, for their health, continued great weather, and most of all for God to be glorified by this trip! Have a great night everyone, I hope to be able to update tomorrow!


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