Monday, February 2, 2009

Time, Place & Plan

On Sunday Andy gave us this challenge: "This week, spend a couple minutes at a specific time at a specific place with a specific plan to read the Bible."  

Ready to do this?
Click here to download a list of reading plans or feel free to do your own thing. 

When you get a chance, leave a comment letting us know how it's going.
This is gonna be great,


AmyW said...

Jame, I was really inspired by Andy's message about TIME, PLACE, & PLAN. I decided it was TIME that I got back to reading my Bible every day. But I didn't have a PLACE or a PLAN. So I took the TIME on Sunday afternoon to create a special PLACE upstairs with a chair and a lamp, and my PLAN is to get up an hour earlier every day from now on to start my day with God. So far, God and I are having a great TIME together in our special quiet PLACE every morning. His PLAN is always best!
-- Amy

Jame said...

That's great Amy! Please keep us posted on how it's going.


VITD said...
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VITD said...

Thanks for the link to the reading plans. Good stuff & Great Message!!