Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friday and Saturday Update

So sorry to all of you that I didn't get a chance to post an update on Friday or Saturday night. All of you teachers out there know why... by the end of the week I am spent, especially with Jayson out of town. I got off the phone with him, put the kids to sleep, and went to sleep myself. So, apologies all around.

Friday was a great day of course... they split up again to do different things. A group went back to Jean Claude and Monica's house to help them, another went to EBAC to help finish some projects there, and the last went to do help some of the earthquake survivors.

Saturday was a "touristy" day for them. The traveled to the citadel to do some looking around. The drive there took forever - the roads are awful, but it was worth it. The had a good time there and spent most of the day looking around. The drive home took a little longer than they expected because they ran into a funeral - this was an experience. They got back around dinner time, ate and went to bed. Jayson said they were all very tired, but it was a great day.

Hope to see you all at NorthBridge this morning!

Peace - Katy

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday in Haiti!

Sadly, I missed Jayson's call tonight... I just couldn't get to my phone in time, but he did leave a message. As expected, they had a great day - they spent all of it at the new IDADEE orphanage. They filled the day completing the storage closets, painting murals on the walls, and most importantly playing with all the many kids that were around. A good day indeed!

Keep up the praying!


PS. Jayson did call back later and got to say goodnight to the girls, so all is good and I don't have to cry myself the sleep tonight....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Haiti Update

Good Evening NorthBridge Friends,

Talked to Jayson for a short time tonight (and the girls got to say hi to them too!). They had a great day today and he was in great spirits. They worked hard all day and when I talked to him they had just finished dinner and were relaxing before bed.

For their work today they split into three groups. The first group of women went to visit our friends Jean Claude and Monica. They are a young couple that have graciously taken in 12 orphans into their own home as their children. Monica currently has cancer, and our group went to help cook and clean for them. It was nice to be able to help them with whatever they needed.

The second group went to the EBAC orphanage to teach for the day. Jayson didn't elaborate, but I am sure that they had a great time. Those kids are such a joy to be with, it's hard not to smile just thinking about them.

The third group - the one that Jayson was in - went to the new IDADEE orphanage to help build some storage closets. After months of feeling helpless here in the states, I know it felt good to build something to help some other people. It was also nice for them to see all that has been done at the new place since the last visit. How great it is going to be when it opens!

Please continue to pray for their trip, for their health, continued great weather, and most of all for God to be glorified by this trip! Have a great night everyone, I hope to be able to update tomorrow!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Landing in Haiti

Hello Everyone,

I heard from Jayson tonight while I was meeting with my community group. They have arrived in Haiti safely and are relaxing and planning to go to bed early this evening. It was a long day for them, breakfast at 5am, shuttle to airport at 5:30am, etc... All is good though - they spent some time at EBAC Orphanage and are looking forward to the week ahead. Communication isn't wonderful in Haiti, but I am hoping to hear from Jayson again tomorrow night. Please keep them in your prayers and the kids that they will be spending time with. It's going to be a life-changing trip for them, and sure to be awesome!

Peace, Katy

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sundays Baptism.

Please take a moment to watch this story from Sunday and perhaps leave a comment encouraging Karen.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stories of Life Change

At NorthBridge Community Church, our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

One of the ways we measure this is by celebrating stories of life change. This past weekend we heard two great stories at our service. Take a moment to watch these stories from Sunday and perhaps leave a comment encouraging Jennifer and Tonya.